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MD Helicopters ~ a good or bad company to work for?


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Ok... so, you don't have any information other than Google...


i didn't google my reply, it was my personal opinion, of the Hughes 500. A very capable, nimble, useful, well designed helicopter. & would i work for the company? YES ! why? to be a part of keeping the 500 series flying & keep the support going for it in years to come. I'd also work for the next company that buys the 300 line from Sikorsky, why?----same reason. You can always quit if they don't treat you right.


What this new owner said in butters utube? "i won't sell the company till it's worth a Billion dollars" well,? that sits 2 ways with me. But who knows who will buy it next for a billion, the ole Trumpster, maybe? nah, he's got his trusty old 76 and we all remember what Boeing did to him back in the late 80's.


I'd say go work for them ! i would if i was 30 years younger.


oh wait ! the ole Trumpster is soon gonna have his OWN 747 ,, AND?? his own Sikorsky S-61 ! ! ! (and his mom won't be the one feeding it quarters) (it will be you & me)

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