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Moving timeline information

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I was wondering if anyone who has recently gone to BCT and has moved their family to Rucker.


I would like to know if anyone has a timeline to how it would all workout, generally.


Who do I call prior to moving? What sort of information should my spouse have to get stuff done while I'm away at BCT?


This is all new and I believe I have only a couple months before I ship so I just want to get as much prepared as I can.



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To be honest, you won't be able to do anything for your move before you graduate WOCS (unless something has changed in the last couple of years). The Army will take care of transportation to BCT and to Rucker for WOCS, then on the day you graduate WOCS you can go to the travel office and schedule your move. The only thing you will want to do in advance is to determine if you want to do a full government move (where they come and do everything and move everything), a Personally Procured Move (AKO DITY...Do IT Yourself), or a partial PPM.


Keep in mind (even though this will be a ways down the road) that it will take a couple of hours at the travel office, especially with all the other WOCS graduates going down there.


As far as your spouse getting stuff done while your gone, get a Power of Attorney so that she can do things on your behalf while your gone. This will come in handy throughout your military career. The requirements vary by state, so just google it and find out what you'd need. All I did was print out a Durable Power of Attorney, filled it out and had it notarized.

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I guess I'm planning on doing a partial because I want to get my household items moved by the Government but I want to drive our car there. Unless driving your car is a given when you do a Government move.


Is / was there, historically speaking, a long wait period between BCT and the start of WOCS?


From what I've read before, there wasn't. So they would usually just move their families out after WOCS.


So basically my spouse and I will have to plan the move and schedule everything while I'm at WOCS. Or, we can't do that until I graduate?


Which means we would have to have adequate time after graduation to set up everything and physically move, hopefully?


I don't know when we should start preparing everything or when we are even allowed to start preparing everything.

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You will get your PCS orders near completion of BCT. You'll need to ask your Drill Sergeant about them. Once you get to Rucker you will have about a week minimum before you start WOCS. If you try and set up your move then, also plan on your spouse moving on his/ her own. You should have a tentative WOCS date before you ship to BCT. Many people take a combination of leave and PTDY for house hunting and moving after WOCS.


My recommendation is to schedule the move while you are waiting for WOCS and have them move your things after graduation.

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