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March 2017 WOFT Board

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I've got a silly question, can I ask why you're making all the inquiries on behalf of your husband? I have no doubt you're extremely organized and capable, just wondering why he's not asking the questions for his application?


Your husband is an in-service applicant, there is no battalion board, that's just for civilian applicants. For in-service, you can almost complete the entire application without MEPs assistance. You only need them for final application assembly.



He was underway with the navy so no service! Haha I probably should've put that. He is back now, and recruiter is now saying no MEPS needed so we are back on track to submit Monday!! Thanks for your help :)

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AD Army SSG 15Q(Air Traffic Controller)


Age: 27

GT: 123

SIFT: 48

Degree: 86 credits

PT: 284

LOR:CPT(UH60 pilot)

LTC(OH58/UH47 pilot)

COL(FA BDE Commander)

CW5(OH58/AH64 pilot)

Military: 7.5 years, 1 Deployment, BLC, ALC, Combatives, CLS, Joint Fire Power, UPL

Flight Physical: Approved


Looking at my stats, will my SIFT score end my chances of pursuing this dream?



I say don't stress about it, let the board make that determination and only worry about what you affect.

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Just finished my battalion board and was recommended for selection. Did not get the score, but I imagine I did well.


The process:

Drove with my recruiter to the battalion board in Irvine (I'm from the Denton area) around 0900.

A civilian employee at the battalion's office gave me some guidance on the official photo I would be taking, and then we assembled my name and "WOFT Applicant" out off some letters and placed it on a plaque. We took the photograph and I had some time to waste before the board so we relaxed in the break room. Walked up to the room to wait for the green light to go before the board then knocked three times, waited for the "Enter" command, and then went before the board. I stood at attention next to the chair and was introduced by my recruiter before being told that I could take sit and relax. I was asked just a few questions and the board only lasted for maybe 10 minutes. It was quick and to the point.


Here are some of the things I did to prepare:

  • Wore the same suit for both the board and my photograph.
  • Practiced answering the basic questions with myself over the past few weeks. It is really likely that you will be asked questions about why you want to become a Warrant Officer and why you think you would be an asset to the Army. It is important that you practice to avoid the dreaded "umms" and "uhhhs" so that you appear to have a complete understanding of what you are getting into.
  • Relax. I can't stress enough how taking a breath before knocking and sitting before the board can help you. Sit back in your chair, focus on eye contact, and try to relax as much as possible. If you are tense and nervous it will show in your answers.
  • Be honest and direct. Don't tell elaborate stories and focus on answering their questions.
In all it was a good experience and I'm ready for the next chapter!
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New to posting on this website so Im trying to figure it out. Anyways, what was the process before he actual selection board? My recruiting office of 5-7 recruiters has things mixed up. Basically what Im asking is what all is exactly needed before entering that room for selection?

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Good evening, all,


I'm a civilian applicant with an unfinished packet, and my recruiter projected me for this board.


How often are civilian WOFT boards? My recruiter says they are quarterly, hence projecting me for March. However, the WOFT recruiting site says they re-board NS packets the following month. Would that mean civilian WOFT boards are quarterly or monthly?



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