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Hi to all heli pros in this group.

I'm looking for a little help in order to make a novel I'm writing more accurate.

My central character is a Soviet chopper pilot based in Kabul during the Soviet/Afghanistan War mid 1980s. His buddy is the gunner on their Mil Mi-24 gunship. While I've done a ton of research on the bird, the armaments, the war, the country, etc., I have no clue how to handle the communications between pilot and gunner, crew and air traffic control, or between birds in flight. Plus, I will have other questions, like: can the pilot fire the machine guns, rockets, etc? Or does the gunner? In a circa 1986 bird, can the crew restrict internal comms to only the 2-man crew?

So far, I've found a UN security specialist who was a Soviet officer in Afghanistan during the war. He is willing to help with the Russian ops details. What I still need is a chopper pro with military experience to help me fill in the proper lingo in a few critical scenes.

Anyone helping will have credit in the final book. I realize that US military jargon might differ from what Russian crews might say (my book is in English). However, unless this group includes a Russian pilot, I'll go with an American/Canadian/UK approach. Anyone game?


Dan Carazo

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