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  1. While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters.
  2. Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) non-sense posts, or the like.
  3. Do not post anything illegal or injurious (including libelous, defamatory, or pornography).
  4. Advertising, spamming and trolling is not allowed. This includes using the forum Private message system to spam other members.
  5. Each member is allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.
  6. We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice.
  7. We also reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the forum rules.
  8. Also while these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.
  9. Finally, by posting your message, you agree to indemnify the owners, employees, agents and representatives of Rotorcraft Pro / Vertical Reference and to hold them harmless from any and all claims and liabilities (including attorneys fees) resulting from any material posted to the Forum, or from any acts resulting from participants' use of these forums.
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