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Huey flight training cost?

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Well lets see, my lambo needs new tires, and I just have to get the latest rims to match, so I'll be charging about $5,500/hr for my huey.


Its well worth it since my instructors are the highly skilled with an astounding 300 hours of experience!,...and even though the VA will be broke by the time you finish (leaving future vets sh*t out of luck) I'll hire you on (if your timing it just right that is) for $14.50/hr!


Good article!


$352/hr for a 22!?...Man, they even ripped off Robbie Rangers!



Here's another thought;


The 200 hour requirement to teach is just a Robbie SFAR thing. So if military guys are training in larger helicopters, why are they graduating with 200-300 hours instead of 150?


,...'oh yeah, 'cause its a scam, sorry forgot for a second. :)

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I know this guy who started flight training in a Huey and seems to be flying it a lot. Does anyone know how much it would cost per hour for flight training in a Huey?


The current government rate is an excellent baseline, that is often used, to determine what the commercial hourly rate should be with regard to the current market.


Gov. rate x 1.45 = Average per/hr. billing


Gov. rate X 1.6 = Top end, quotes above this should be rejected and renegotiated.


U.S. Government Helicopter Services Flight Rate


Also, be aware that when you’re doing flight training in a restricted category aircraft, for compensation, and the flight training is just general flight training, the owner operator is fudging the rule a little bit. The only training that you can legally provide in a restricted category aircraft, is flight crewmember training in the specific special operations for which the aircraft is certificated.


§91.313 Restricted category civil aircraft: Operating limitations.


(a ) No person may operate a restricted category civil aircraft—


(1) For other than the special purpose for which it is certificated; or


(2) In an operation other than one necessary to accomplish the work activity directly associated with that special purpose.


(b ) For the purpose of paragraph (a) of this section, operating a restricted category civil aircraft to provide flight crewmember training in a special purpose operation for which the aircraft is certificated is considered to be an operation for that special purpose.


(c ) No person may operate a restricted category civil aircraft carrying persons or property for compensation or hire. For the purposes of this paragraph, a special purpose operation involving the carriage of persons or material necessary to accomplish that operation, such as crop dusting, seeding, spraying, and banner towing (including the carrying of required persons or material to the location of that operation), and operation for the purpose of providing flight crewmember training in a special purpose operation, are not considered to be the carriage of persons or property for compensation or hire.

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There's some ground school involved as well as flight training. I won't teach unless I'm paid, so I'd guess there's a charge for ground instruction and an estimated flight time @ $'X' included.


Flight Training:

Provides the customer with demonstration and performance of normal maneuvers and emergency procedures of the Bell UH-1 Huey series helicopter. Training may be conducted during day or night.

Single engine emergency procedure training includes touchdown autorotations, hydraulic-off landings, and anti-torque system failure procedures.

Initial: 6 hours
Recurrent: 2 hours

Completion Standards:

To complete a course of instruction, each maneuver shall be performed at or above those standards as stated in the FAA Practical Test Standards for the level of certificate held. Upon satisfactory completion of all course requirements, a Certificate of Completion will be issued. In addition, a 14 (CFR) Part 61.56 Flight Review may be provided.

* Flight only recurrent courses are available. Upon completion of a flight only recurrent course, only a Certificate of Flight Training will be issued.

** Each scheduled course will have a maximum of 3 students.

​*** UH-1 pilot training conducted in accordance with limitations of 141 UH-SOC when conducted in our aircraft.

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