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Looks like sh*t is starting to stink at D Co.

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I knew both parties involved.


We'll call the one in the video Female 1 and the other Female 2...


Both wanted Apaches hardcore from the beginning of primary.


Female 1 was married and Female 2 was in the process of getting divorced.


Mid-way through instruments Female 1 told the CO that Female 2 was cheating on her husband. They pulled female 2 from the course while the investigation was ongoing. During the investigation Female 2 provided evidence that Female 1 was actually the one cheating. Female 1 was then pulled from the course for the investigation. Female 2 got herself into trouble by skipping PT a number of days and avoiding duty.


In the end Female 2 was set back a number of months and got some reprimands for the PT and other stuff but was let back into the course due to her being in the process of the divorce and it technically not being cheating.


Female 1 was eventually dropped completely as the investigation led to some questionable character issues and some of the evidence from the investigation weighing towards the true side.



As a 3rd party observer this whole thing began because they were both super competitive and wanted 64s. They both screwed themselves over by starting the whole thing.

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Female 2 was a total lackluster dud who I wouldn't trust to lead a work detail, and Female 1 was often seen driving her male stick buddy's car to PT while her husband was deployed, among other questionable actions. Regardless as to the nature of her relationship with her stick buddy, she lacked sound decision making skills and the youtube video is a perfect demonstration of her immaturity.


We're all better off that things turned out the way they did.

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