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DPE in europe advice needed


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hi are there any examiners doing the faa tests in europe ..there s a guy here training on the enstrom 280 under an faa approved instructor is it possible for him to take the test in uk .i also understand you cant take the faa pplh exams anymore outside the us


The procedures pertinent to your question for DPEs to conduct certificate oral and practical tests outside the U.S. and issue Temporary Airman Certificates is listed below. Also, list below, are the International Field Offices (IFOs) that cover the UK. Most of the DPEs are airplane, so good luck.


As far as FAA Knowledge testing goes, FlightSafety International UK Ltd., Farnborough Airport, Farnborough, conducted FAA computer testing until about a year ago. Give them a call: +44 1252 554500.


Serving Outside the United States. A designee may be appointed to serve outside the United States if there is a demonstrated need that such designation will serve U.S. citizens abroad and that an FAA office can properly supervise the designee’s activities. The designee is subject to limitations as provided by current FAA policy regarding the certification of airmen outside the United States.


For DPEs authorized to administer practical tests in helicopters that do not require the PIC to hold a type rating, the DPE’s Certificate of Authority (COA) letter must list each make and model of helicopter. Prior to being designated to administer a practical test in a specific make and model of helicopter, a DPE must have logged at least 5 hours as PIC flight time in that helicopter make and model.


Geographical Area. A designee must not test an applicant outside the authorized geographical area. For a DPE, the test must start and conclude within the authorized geographical area. If a designee wants to administer tests outside the geographical area of the managing FAA office, the designee must:


( 1 ) Request authorization in writing from the managing FAA office.


( a ) Provide the date and address of the testing site in writing.


( b ) Make the request in writing at least 7 working days prior to the scheduled activity.


Note: The managing FAA office with jurisdiction over the test site may evaluate the facilities, equipment, current publications, and test materials required to conduct a test for the certificate and/or rating(s) sought.


( 2 ) Receive approval in writing from the designee’s managing FAA office, as appropriate. The managing FAA office will coordinate with the geographical office (receiving office).


( 3 ) The designee submits the certification file to his or her managing FAA office. The receiving FAA office with jurisdiction over the test location may request copies of any files for tests conducted by the designee in their area.


New York International Field Office (IFO) Designated Pilot Examiners

Thomas P. Hughston

39 Sydney Dye Court


Kings Lynn

Norfolk, United Kingdom


Phone: 44 7710564421

Aircraft: CE-421-421, DA-42-42, PA-34-200, PA-44-180

E-mail Thomas Hughston


Adam House

The Old Dairy

Quarry Lane

Snarestone, Derbyshire

United Kingdom


Phone: 44 7725071482

Aircraft: AGUSTA-A109-A, AS-355-F2, BHT-206-B, R-22-22, R-44-44

E-mail Adam House


The Dallas/Ft. Worth IFO also coves the UK: https://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/field_offices/ifo/dfw_ifo/

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