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Last week CAE had an Grob 120 TP engine issue and crashed landed with one Army flight student and instructor. No major injuries pertaining to the flight crew. Would anyone know more information on the details and was the student a Lt/Warrant, Active, Guard or Reserves? Investigation report will not be finalized for months obviously. Rumor Mill in play.


Can anyone confirm if the Army has or will establish initial entry fixed wing training. No helo training at all. CAE said it can be done if the Army wishes to go in that direction.

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They're not going to establish fixed wing only training. Particularly on the Guard side, that would completely remove people from being able to fill other slots. (Think: you send someone to fixed wing course, and need a rotary wing aviator in the future, you would have to send that person through all of flight school again. Treating FW like an AQC works out well for everyone, with a pretty shallow learning curve when making the transition.)

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