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Do Warrant Officers get access to the GI Bill?

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I'd like to know if after one's military service as an Army Aviator if they get access to the GI Bill or if that is only for enlisted guys? Is this one of those instances where you need to fill out some kind of application ahead of time in order to have access to it come retirement time? I ask because a friend and I were discussing today going to flight school for fixed-wing aircraft after his military service and becoming a dual rated pilot. Thanks in advance!

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What she said--although there is DC talk about them changing up Post 9-11 (won't affect those currently in, but will new sign ons...if DC gets its way). But that is a digression that hopefully is only Facebook famous.


In other news, the US Army doesn't have a confirmed / designated path for going fixed wing. It is like a box of chocolates, you put in for it (a transition), and you never know what you are going to get / what is available.

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