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Uh-47 flight lot time.

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I was going to say that this was the silliest thing I've heard that someone believed, but then I remembered something else:


Back in 2009/2010, we were in Pensacola doing deck landing quals and the Navy had just gotten their fancy new uniforms. You know... the one that makes you blend into the water should you go overboard. "Not to worry," says one of my crew chiefs. "I was talking to some of them. They said that they turn bright orange when they're exposed to salt water!"

After a minute, the laughter of myself and fellow pilots died down. "XXX... They were messing with you."

"No they weren't!"

"Yes... they were. How does the uniform know the difference between saltwater, and sweat? Or saltwater from being fully submerged, and sea spray from those small craft... or just in the air when in the middle of the Pacific?"

"Oh... I guess I didn't think of that."


I have to imagine that really was the silliest thing I've heard. You... you may be trolling. But if you're not, it's the second stupidest thing I can think of, at least off the top of my head.


Nowhere, anywhere, does Rotorcraft-Helicopter time count as Airplane-ANY time. They're different categories of aircraft. It counts towards Total time, but in no way will it count towards the specific hours you need in an AIRPLANE to get your commercial, nor the 250 hours you need in an AIRPLANE in order to get your ATP.


Stump was right, though (making you, in fact... technically incorrect. The worst kind of correct. Also, looking like an "ass-hat" I believe you said.) Total time is total time to the FAA. Helicopter time can mean what an operator wants it to mean. If they want you to have an ATP, as well as 500 hours in a 1982 Cessna 172, that's what you're going to need, and it doesn't matter if you have 5,000 hours in a "UH-47". (Tip: UH-47 doesn't exist... that's another reason you look stupid...It's a cargo aircraft) More realistically, if they want you to have an ATP and 1500 hours AIRPLANE, it doesn't matter how much helicopter time you have, in what type. The end.

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Ps nobody wants to read your lame ass story.


Hey, I never said it was a good story. Just the stupidest thing I've ever heard someone say. Anyone who believes that Rotorcraft time counts as Airplane time though is trying to beat it.

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