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I am offering an opportunity for anyone who needs to build either X-C time or PIC time on a flight from TN to CA in an R22 at a highly reduced rate of $140 an hour plus fuel, at the prices acquired on the trip instead of my usual fuel price at the home base. I am a 12K plus hour CFII and I am dual rated so any flight instruction that is needed, and the right candidate would learn a lot from such a flight, would be added at no charge. You would be responsible for your own transportation (airline), food and lodging. Anyone interested or with questions please either respond to this post or email me at Kevin@11Thdimensionhelicopters.com

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That sucks. I'm from the tri cities area so it would have been perfect. However, I'm stuck down at Fort Rucker for the next four months. If there's ever a chance to fly with and build some time after this, I'd jump on it.

No problem, we'll see, but thank you for inquiring. You are enlisted in the army?

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No. I'd rather not be taken advantage of by someone who either under bid a job or purposely didn't include the cost of moving the helicopter in their bid so they could get the job. Either way it's greedy. Here is a good read for you...



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Guest pokey

No. I'd rather not be taken advantage of by someone . Either way it's greedy. ..




Yes, it may very well be. It also goes by many other names:

1) making a living

2)buyer beware



there is no such thing as a free lunch, but there is free enterprise.

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You'd rather pay a company full rate to fly circles around the pattern I guess.

As a pilot who has done many of these time building flights (and is quite embarrassed by that fact) I say yes, I would rather fly around the pattern than go on another pay to ferry flight where there's nothing to do but just sit there with my thumb up my ass watching the hobbs turn over while the guy sitting next to me (who is getting paid) is on his phone texting his girlfriend and tweeting what he ate for breakfast!


Aspiring career pilots should be practicing how to teach someone, how to do a proper photo flight, and how to conduct a safe tour flight in a 44, not wasting their time on straight and level trying to fatten theur books!

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