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I'm new here but I am interested in applying to the WOFT program. I'm an E-5 in the Navy reserves with 6 years active and 4 years of reserve service in the books. I feel like I'm a strong candidate, but I'm only worried that I may not get the required waiver for the flight physical. I was briefly diagnosed with depression and an adjustment disorder (I self reported) in 2010. I saw a Navy doc for a few months (all out patient), and took anti-depressants, during that time and then I was fine. I've had no issues in what is now almost seven years. In 2013 I applied to Navy OCS to become an NFO, but ended up getting PDQ'd for my past depression diagnosis (that was a huge let down). That was three years after treatment, and now I'm seven years out and I have completed a Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, and more years of great service in the Navy and Navy reserves.


When I was disqualified in 2013 I didn't follow through on the appeal process because I was so discouraged. This time if the Army turns me down on my first physical I'm going to try to appeal as long as I can and fight it (hopefully I won't have too). I've read the Aero med guide and it shows I'm eligible for a waiver since I've been of medication for over six years. Also I may be going on a deployment next year which will show more good service with no issues.


I plan to apply for the WOFT program in a year or so, I have to get Lasik first. I plan to study for the SIFT and ASVAB this summer to boost my scores as high as possible. I don't know if I'm going to be able to get a psych waiver, but I plan to make the Army tell me no. You miss every shot you don't take. Do I have a decent shot at getting a waiver??


My stats:


Age: 29
Degree: Bachelors in Information Technology: Magna Cum Laude, and Master's in Human Resources Management.
GT: Currently 106 but I'm going to retake that section to bring it above 110 (but as high as possible).
SIFT: Not taken yet but I scored a 46 6/5/6 on the ASTB.
AFPT: Not done yet but I score well in my Navy PT tests.
Flight Physical: Pending
Flight Time: Private Pilot, Single Engine Land with 83 hours total time.
Military: 10 years Navy active and reserve.
LORs: None yet but I know some O-5s, active and retired.



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