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Do You Still Look Up When a Helicopter Flies Overhead?


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Do I look up?

The question seeks to discover if we have maintained our erstwhile enthusiasm, I guess. Now I am retired, do I still give a d*mn, eh?

Lemme think.

Well, put it this way. Ask my dogs. They'll tell you.

It kind of goes like this:

1. distant sound of choppy approaching.

2. (loud exclamation from Master, wakes up dogs) (E.g. "Yippee...!")

3. Chair falls over.

4. Coffee goes flying. (that's a regular)

5. Master bolts out the door. Possibly tripping over alarmed cat.

6. Spends several minutes oohing and aahing, and muttering excitedly to himself.

7. comes back in, humming and happy.

8. Dogs shake their heads, and go back to sleep.

9. cat tries hard to look unruffled and dignified. Gives Master a hard look. Moves back to favorite spot.

(rinse, wash & repeat later)



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Only if it is something specific:


This afternoon I heard the inimitable sound of Hubert, or as he is known to his friends, Huey.


That thump thump sound still rouses me, doesn't matter that it is 48 years since the first time I flew one or 10 years since I last flew one, it stirs the blood enough to make me go outside and look at it.


Other machines, not much any more.

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Is there an outfit anywhere in the country that offers rides in an original huey? Kinda like that b-17 that does tours for 2500 an hour?

There's an outfit at KHMP that offers rides at events. They're dedicated to information, memorializing helicopters in Vietnam. Always looking for volunteers to help out... I can't remember the name, last time I was there they were across the taxiway from the FBO.


P.S. They also do so in an AH1G, I've been told.

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