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So What Do You Think They're Up To?

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Maintenance, you can see a couple guys on the deck below the helipad. Wikipedia says the original, conventional lighthouse and quarters were above what is now the helipad. It's now 'automated', whatever that means in 'lighthouse' talk.


Vertical ref guys can sure fly...


I used to hate landing on infrequently used pads. The sea bird droppings could be inches deep and STINK!

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Uh oh...flying inside the H/V curve while over water and not equipped with floats!!! How did they survive!?!?!?!?

Well gee wiz, if that gets you excited, check this guy out. He spends what seems like forever just hovering about the old place?


,...land already dammit! :D




You know I used to think this thing was just a derelict relic? Good thing I've never set my little Robbie down on it, probably get chased away by the Coast Guard or something!? :o

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I landed there early last year, flew a crew out to take some measurements to replace the rusted ladders. 3-4" deep bird doo-doo. They were talking about refurbishing it, we never flew them again, seems they wanted something bigger than our 407.


Edit: About the doo-doo, the crew said that since the poo landed on the lighthouse, it is considered hazmat. If the same droppings hit the water its fine. The point is, when they go to work on it, if they want to clean it up they have to bag it all up and take it with them, they can't just scrape it over the edge.

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