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Hello. I'm new to your site and forum. As a local luxury real estate broker I'm attempting to find out how my client can be allowed to land a helicopter on his/her private property in Western Boca Raton. It's a large residential property with plenty of land area. I'm not sure where to start and can't seem to get to the right human being at any of the government phone numbers tried thus far. Thanks in advance! Beth Walsh.

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You definitely want to investigate the Local ordinances on helicopter operations. In the Boca MuniCode is Sec. 28-1468 that appears to apply.

Sec. 28-1468. -
Helicopter landings/ takeoffs at authorized locations only

No person owning, piloting or operating a helicopter shall land such aircraft, permit same to be landed or permit such aircraft to takeoff in the city except at an approved heliport or helistop location or at a duly licensed airport. This provision shall not apply in the event of an emergency involving the safety of any helicopter or its passengers; nor in those instances where the helicopter is involved in the performance of rescue, search, law enforcement, medical evacuation or civil defense.


Additionally, repeated landings would likely trigger other zoning provisions governing helistops and perhaps FAA regulatory involvement. However, I'm not a zoning/aviation lawyer and I definitely can't provide the expertise you need. You should consult one in the local area, as this property may or may not be within the jurisdiction of this regulation. Most upscale communities have adopted similar regs to prevent their well-heeled residents from conducting heli-ops from residential sites. If your client wants to push the issue perhaps these folks can help with additional guidance. www.heliplanners.com

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