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SIFT Prep - Crunch Time

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Hi! I'm scheduled to take the SIFT on June 2nd. I took a week off work beforehand. I'm scoring well in math, simple drawings, Hidden Figures (with squinting). Aviation section I'm comfortable but I could do better. Mechanics I'm struggling a little with. Been a while since high school.


Given my time left before the test (approx 2 weeks) any additional resources? Good websites on aviation? Which chapters of FAA book do I NEED to read? Additional practice problems?


I'all take what I can get! Especially on Aviation and Mechanics questions. What should I focus on?


I would greatly appreciate it!

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Honestly, the test is pretty easy if you know what to expect and have studied for it... You'll get a decent score from the sounds of it. I just used a study booklet and got a good score I was happy with. Keep on this path and you'll do great!

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