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WOFT Essay Question

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I was doing some research on the essay required for the WOFT packet and came across a few people recommending to keep the essay on the shorter side. Their reasoning was because of how little time the board members have to look at the entire packet. I'm a 20 y/o civilian so I would like to have as strong of an essay as possible. Does anybody have any input on this?

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You want to keep it as short as possible while still conveying your strengths and accomplishments. Board members time is very limited for each packet. Short and concise will most likely be better.

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So what they said above, yes. However, I have a slightly different take so take it for what its worth...


I used every last inch of my page. I had a lot to say though. The advice given to me was along the same lines - keep it short and concise. When my mentor saw how much I had wrote he said this; the person reading may not have a lot of time to read, so he may very well just read the first, or last paragraph... Or both. So make sure if you do have more than two paragraphs, that the content really grabs the reader. They need to be well written and they need to sell you. I wouldn't be afraid of taking the whole page if you need too, as long as you tread forth under the impression that either your first or last paragraph might be all they read. If it comes down to the wire and they are more closly comparing your application to another they will have more to bite into. The body of my essay was supporting information to the opening and closing paragraphs.


Speak to how you are strongly qualified to be a technical expert in the Army. Include how you'll serve the Army and your fellow soldiers. They want people who have an *apptitude* to become a technical expert. So anything that you can remotely apply to leadership or aviation. Technical expert is a key phrase you should do your best to include at some point.


For me, the essay was my money maker. I hope you crush it man. Good luck!

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