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Surgery Grace Period

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I've tried searching but haven't had any luck. I underwent arthroscopic shoulder surgery (rotator cuff) in December of 2016 and arthroscopic knee surgery (just cleaning up some cartilage) this May. The specific surgeries are not listed as a DQ and should not require waivers. I will be recovered 100%, without limitations, long before my packet is completed. Is there a required post-operative waiting period to get cleared in MEPS? E.G.- An applicant must be cleared from medical care for at least 6 months before being medically cleared for entrance.

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I had two surgeries on the same shoulder prior to selection, 1 of the surgeries 2 months prior to submitting my packet, and didn't require a waiver. I've since had 3 more surgeries on the same shoulder, 1 of the surgeries occurred between the 67 and 64 course, and the latest was a replacement in March, and just now will require a waver

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