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Just took the SIFT today

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I have been following these forums for a while now, I probably spent just as much time reading here than I did actually studying. So first off, thanks to everyone for all the information. I figured I would do my part and share my experience with the test.


I scored a 64.


Simple Drawings -- So easy, I drank a coffee when I woke up, and a monster before the test (I am a Drill Sergeant and used to that level of caffeine lol). It definitely helped. I was able to get 100/100, maybe one wrong.


Hidden Figures -- Absolutely awful, I got through 21 of them and was only confident on about half of them. I studied different AFAST study guides for these, but it was no help. Good thing it didn't have much effect on my score.


Aviation Information -- First three chapters of the FAA Rotorcraft handbook, know the Army's helicopters and their purpose, where the Army trains pilots. The first two questions I had no clue about, started getting nervous but then the rest of the questions were exactly what I studied.


Spatial Apperception -- No issue at all, just like the study guides. The pictures are somewhat bad quality so pay attention to the practice questions and make sure you know what the front of the plane looks like compared with the back.


Reading Comp -- No issue, I found it hard to concentrate about half way through but motored on. Maybe 2 or 3 snags. Just remember, only use the info from the paragraph, no outside knowledge.


Math Knowledge -- I am no math wiz .. I had to take the FAST class to raise my GT score from 109 to a 126. The math here was notably more difficult than the AFCT though. Basic algebra, percentage problems, probability, maybe 3 geometry problems. I had to guess on a few, but overall not too bad.


Mech Comp -- I used the AFCT and AFAST study guides for this, as well as some youtube videos. I recognized a few problems but I was freaking out most of the time ha ha. I don't think I did very well here.


I hope that helps someone, and good luck!


My packet is now complete except for the WO LOR. I have a meeting with a CW4 on Wednesday for him to review my packet and hopefully write me one up.

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