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Pre Surgery Limits for LASIK

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Hello everyone, I have reading this forum for quite some time now in hopes of someday becoming a WOFT aviator. Unfortunately I have recently gotten back from the eye doctor for my yearly checkup. The reason I say unfortunately is because according to my new prescription I have astigmatism that is directly at 3.00 diopters. (This is the pre surgery limit for the WOFT program) Now since I am currently at the limit should I even attempt to get LASIK? Or am I allowed to get the surgery at the exact limit and still qualify for the waiver?

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Are you active duty? If so go back and ask them to start at zero prescription so you can find out EXACTLY where your astigmatism lies for flight qualification. If they start at zero prescription you'd probably be able to read it before you get anywhere near 3 diopters

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