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Fun time with hobbs,...if you're really, really bored?

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I got my first taste of a collective hobbs in an R22, on top of that, it measures out to the hundreths place. Its also company policy to just round off that last didget. Now here's the fun part,...


The flight before me was 437.26 on the hobbs rounded up to 437.3 on the aircraft dispatch. My flight was a 437.94 on the hobbs rounded down to 437.9 for the aircraft dispatch.


So, in the aircraft dispatch the flight was a 0.6, but according to the actual hobbs it was a 0.68, so really closer to a 0.7.


To add to this, I set the timer after starting the engine, and it was running for 53 minutes which is almost a 0.9 (that's also how I know its one of the new collective hobbs).


So to recap;

0.6 (recorded on dispatch)

0.68 (on hobbs meter)

0.9 (for engine run time)


Now for the real fun part. Which number did they use to charge me?

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