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Vegas Flight Training (School Input?)

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Hey guys,

I'm approaching the final stretch in school selection starting my new career. I'm looking at schools in the Las Vegas area. However I have noticed that I haven't seen any recent reviews from these schools. Am I missing something?


I'm looking at 702 and Elite. They both seem like quality schools, and I do intend on touring them both here pretty soon. I did write both schools a while ago, I got a response from Elite, but nothing from 702 which I thought was surprising.


Has anyone trained or flown with either of these schools as students, CFIs, or Pilots (tour, etc..).


Thanks in advance for your input!

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I'm a 35 hr student at Airworks now. Everybody there is really cool and nice.


I went on a intro flight with 702 and sat down with a instructor who basically didn't care I was even in the room.


Elite doesn't have a helicopter as of now. Soon, Hillsboro Aero Academy will have a GI Bill program with Elite but there is no time frame for it to come online.

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Nearby Arizona and Oregon have several great schools, better pickings than what youll find in Vegas.


Dont limit yourself to Las Vegas unless there are extreme circumstances. This industry will pick you up and drop you in different areas on a frequent basis.

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The owner at 702 sent out a Facebook post advertising a 6 month "work for free" internship so you can build time. You might get tips, IF they allow you to do some tours. He immediately took it down because of the sh*t he was getting. I'm not sure I would want to work for a guy like that...I'll track down the post for ya.

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Southern Utah University in Cedar City has been in complete compliance with the VA regs for the last 3 years. You can even get your private through CFII if you have the eligibility and benefits. Ask for Robbie and he will guide you through the whole process. I started 3 weeks ago and I absolutely love it! https://www.suu.edu/aviation/aas.html

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