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Commercial v med class


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That is correct! Although it might be more accurate to say "privileges" of your commerical ticket/certificate. Most students are going to hold a class 3 medical all through flight school and then you just need your appropriate medical to exercise the privileges for the certificate you want to use.


There is probably several people that have ATP's certificate but have never once had a class I medical because they never used it other than looks good on a resume.

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Your question isn't clear. Are you referring to holding a commercial pilot certificate, but acting as pilot in command in operations not requiring a commercial (eg, operations requiring only a private or less?). If that is the case, then yes, you may certificated at the commercial level, but need only hold a third class medical (or operate under basic med now, depending on what you're flying and under what conditions).


Are you talking about seeking a commercial pilot certificate?


Each higher level of pilot certification entitles the holder to the same privileges of lesser certification. That is, an ATP holder is entitled to commercial and private privileges. A commercial holder is entitled to private, recreational, privileges, etc. There is only one pilot certificate; the level of pilot certification determines the privileges. You can hold an ATP certificate but if you're not engaged in operations that require the ATP, you can hold a lesser medical certificate than first class, because you aren't exercising ATP privileges. You can hold a commercial certificate but only need a third class medical when flying a friend to see the autumn leaves.

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