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What do people mean by B3+? Where did this term this come from?


I'm guessing the 2B1 model?


I think of them as the 2B, the 2B1, and the B3e.


The max external weights are the same for all of the B3 models (6173 lbs). The B3e has a more powerful engine that will mostly make a difference in a high, hot, heavy scenario.


The 2B1 and the B3e both have a fadec and the anti-Torque pedals are linked to it. So if you are pulling in a lot of power and have the right pedal in far enough it will increase rotor rpm NR up to 405 (normal NR is around 394).

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I've flown the B2 a lot and the B3e for a few hundred hours but never a B3. The most impressive lift I've seen weight wise was 2500 pounds in the B3e at sea level around 20 degrees C. The best I've seen it do at altitude was 6,000' on a cool day pick 2,000 lbs. Both scenarios were very light on fuel.


The B3e has a higher hp number then the B3 but you may have a hard time finding the actual numbers lol...I've even asked the tech reps and can't really get a straigh answer. As with all manufacturers the machine is getting heavier every year so you're best lifter would be an early B3e....around 2012 model. The B3 and B3e have the same external gross weight numbers so the way to get more on the hook is to have as light a machine as possible. Some have dual hyd and it actually doesn't add all that much weight; however, the astar can be flown competently with a complete hyd failure.


Hope that helps.

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By the way, I've only flown the 2B1 model and I haven't done any slinging in the B3 so I'm not the expert you are looking for. I looked at the RFM for both of them and they OGE and IGE charts look the same.


Hopefully someone else chimes in.

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