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7 weekers BEWARE!!! It's so long I couldn't take it but congrats to everyone selected! I finished glad I never have to do WOCS again! Prepare yourself for many games! May the ODDS be in your favor Can

Dont be worried.

- Age: 28 - GT: 124 - SIFT: 68 - APFT: 288 - Military: 8 years AD Army SSG (P), 11B, Sergeant Audie Murphy Club, NCO of the Quarter/Year, Pathfinder, AA ETC. - Civilian Education: 39 semester hours t

How is it that you were able to find that out already? I’m active duty and going crazy waiting for some kind of news.


AD applicants get boarded after the civilian WOFT applicants. If I remember correctly, the AD board results take longer to disseminate through the chain once the board has selected than it takes for WOFT applicants to be notified as well. So a two front time delay here.

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Age - 31

GT - 125

SIFT - 69

APFT - 290

Military - 12 years. Prior AF E-6

CIV ED – BS Computer Management Information Systems 3.5 GPA

Flight Hours – 1,000 as an In-flight Refueling Specialist

Was selected November 8th in the state of Illinois. See you ladies and gents May of next year!

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