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why safety notices ROBINSONS jumps from 1 to 9? what happend to 2,3,4,5,6 etc etc?


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Safety Notice #2

Always light your cigarette before takeoff (removing both hands from controls in flight is bad)!


Safety Notice #3

Never hold your cigarette in the corner of your mouth while talking on the radio (it could fall out and onto the floor igniting the shag carpet)!


Safety Notice #4

Always weigh yourself fully clothed (even in the 70's you're not going to fly naked and its a very little helicopter and every ounce counts)!


Safety Notice #5

Do not duct tape additional gauges to the instrument panel (we will be installing a 7 hole panel next month)!


Safety Notice #6

Do not immediately autorotate if a chip light illuminates (we will be changing the light to yellow next month)!


Safety Notice #7

Everyone please bring your R22 in for service (we are installing new rpm governors next month)!


Safety Notice #8

Everyone come to Torrance for some factory training (SFAR 73 comes out next month)!

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