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January Selection Board

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Congratulations!! 100% selection rate for all civilians. If you sent me your email, I will send you a redacted version of the memo shortly. Please do not get frustrated with your recruiter for not hearing it from them first. The results were posted within the last few minutes.

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Thank you so much for the up to date information! It's been very reassuring to have a "man on the inside" for this board!

I am happy to help, I would want the same kind of knowledge if I was on this side. The goal is to keep it going for the upcoming boards as well until I am out of USAREC (praying in Julyish when I PCS to Rucker).

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That just made me alot more nervous.

It's only two less than the last board just a lot more applicants. Just stay positive and hope for the best.


Any idea when that milper message will be published?

The last board was Wednesday following the board, the one prior was Tuesday following the board so the 13th or 14th.

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