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Dedicated RTP Thread

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Thought it would be nice to have conversation and information centralized in one area. As a future army aviator in the National Guard, this definitely has piqued my interest. I just hope it's still available by the time I get the required hours.


Would love for lindsey and others to chime in. I may go copy and paste their info from other threads as well.

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Its been a while since we posted anything on this thread. But "ANOTHER" RTP program has been born with Horizon and Compass Airlines. The future is looking bright apparently $41.00 an hour for a 1year First Officer. And this is no hoax more regionals are beginning to follow suit. They don't have to compete with just the Army (or any Military branch) and each other anymore. International Airlines are poaching as well! Japan, China, and Dubai from a few news article I've read. :blink: "decisions, decisions".

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With that new EO things got shaken up a bit I'm sure for all these airlines and it will be interesting to see how things go for the next few years PSA increased their hours from the 750 to 1000 but I'm sure everyone wont follow that. These companies know military aviators for the most part are top tier. It's only a matter of time before all regionals say " "F" it you all win please just fly for us". They don't want to lose routes and they don't want to miss out on aviators taking there talents to other countries such as America #2 cough cough Canada lol. What a time to be a pilot this is awesome honestly.

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