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Auzzy muster pilot


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Hey all.

I'm on the market.

Looking for a LONG TERM/PERMENENT Rotory Mustering position.


Low level, muster, CSU/retract, night multi, tailwheel, aeros, 12 or so multis on licence. around the 5.5k hrs (3.5K low level/mustering).

Cpl (H)

R22 soon to do snotty and R44 endo

low level. Basic licence (ink still wet) about twenty hours command required for muster rating.


Other stuff.

38Years old.

Aircraft owner (X2 C310 C172), lots of remote area experiance, Deisel fitter (heavy duty), Machine operater (grader, excavator, loader, dozer, Ect) been around stock most of my life.

Multi Combination drivers licence (roadtrain).

Plenty of AME experiance.

owner of fixed wing mustering business.

fiercely loyal.

Rum/Bourbon drinker (just thought I'd add that)


looking for a job to settle into until retirement.

prefer WA, pilbara, kimberly or NT.

email @ leoair@crewstart.com


mobile no 041 7178792

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