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Damn, how time flies!


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It was fifteen years ago today that good ole' butters started flight school!


In fact the flight would have just ended about now. I'll never forget, it was 90° and we had both doors on! I was doing great,...until he decided to go to the compass rose to try and hover! Flailing about wildly, sweat pooring down my face, empty stomach, it wasn't long before that pesky little gremlin got me,...nausea!


Ended up canceling my afternoon flight, in fact I told them, "maybe we should just do one flight a day,...just for this first week"?


I learned three valuable lessons that morning.


1. Always eat something before an early morning flight!

2. Always wear a hat on day flights!

3. Always, always TAKE THE DAMN DOOR OFF!!!


Yeah, I didn't know you could take the doors off! :o


I wasn't visited by that gremlin again until back to back steep turns under the hood during instrument training! Needless to say we saved those for the end of the flight! :)

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