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Airline transition programs

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As many of you are aware, there are numerous regional airlines offering former military helicopter pilots a transition into the airlines.


My understanding is that part of the training cost is to be covered by unused education benefits, with the airline also contributing training funds. I also understand the desire for military trained pilots as they generally have move experience then the civilian side operating under IFR and a shared cockpit.


I'm curious as to whether there is a similar program being offered to civilian pilots. If so, any details regarding the airline, contract terms, out of pocket costs and starting salary would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't understand the belief that military pilots need to use their own GI bill. When I look at the cost breakdown for a multi engine commercial rating from a 141 school it estimates about 17K plus about 15K for an instrument. This assumes no previous flight time.

The airlines are covering up to 30K, so it seems as add on ratings for guys who already have a couple thousand hours, 30 should be more than enough to cover the cost

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250 hours PIC in airplanes is required. Even after all your ratings you won't have it and will require another hundred plus hours of time building. Some of the programs will cover that time building, others will fall well short. Either way I haven't seen a single one that is covering the whole amount, some of them are just allowing you to use their new hire bonus in addition to the training money. Some are just offering an early bonus.


As for the OP trying to find an airline to take you. Call the recruiters and find out!

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