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Wedding After WOCS?

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Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice. I am a civilian and I was accepted into WOFT. I leave in January for BCT. My fiancee and I are trying to decide when to get married. We would like to have our wedding right after WOCS. Is that practical?

Should we consider getting legally married before BCT and having the wedding after WOCS during the 10 day moving period? From what I have read on the forums and from researching online, the biggest benefit with getting married before BCT is moving into married housing after WOCS, PCS move, BAH pay, separation pay, and medical insurance.

Does anyone have any other perspectives, experience, or advice? Thanks!

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Most entitlements in the Army are based on with dependents, or without dependents. Obviously, the former offers the most benefit to the service member. The Army doesnt recognize fiancés as a dependent- youre either married or youre not.


You need to consider the fiscal responsibility of moving yourself and your family after Basic Training. If you choose not to get legally married on paper before Basic Training, your household goods weight allotment will be based on whatever you alone are authorized to move. There are many variables- but you nailed most of them in your original post.


My recommendation would be to get married on paper before you go to Basic Training (no family members have to know- you guys can still have a normal wedding ceremony). This will allow your spouse to be fiscally supported while youre away, as you receive BAH and BAS for whatever zip code she resides in.

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