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“A-school” style helicopter school

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So as you can tell Im very new to this forum, considering I registered this evening!


Im an ALS provider in Emergency Medical Services. Ive been doing some thinking and Id like to get my rotarywing license to hopefully get into lifeflight someday.


Does anybody know of any A-school style helo schools? Ive recently been given a sort of blank check to go back to school. But given life, Id like a condensed schooling not looking for short cuts, just to bang it out in long days 7 days a week, especially since Im guessing Id have to travel to warmer weather for such. Im from New England and winters approaching.


Does anybody have any ideas as to such a program? Ideally Id like to walk away with all the helo certs to make me a go for commercial and then hopefully get hours back home to make me qualified.


Like I said no short cuts, Id actually rather learn more than the minimum and it be challenging. Because well lets face it, 4 years in EMS has taught me shortcut equals sh...err...crap.


Thanks guys,


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Well, when I was at Universal Helicopters in Scottsdale, we were getting guys from zero to CFii in six months!


,...but you could probably do that almost anywhere if you

already have $60k burning a hole in your pocket!

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Where in the Northeast? We fly nationwide and local to the Northeast we fly inn Newport, RI in the summer but are back in Miami area (with free housing and cheap airfare back and forth to make this work). Check out my website www.HelicopterAcademy.com (and note I'm an advertiser here since 2001). I'd start by buying www.HeliGround.com as that is an online version of the course everyone teaches to prepare you for the written and you don't even have to leaver your house. Seems like we don't have to teach you English which we sometimes have to do when we write a visa. You can call me at 561-346-2816 if you like. We also guarantee you a job working for us, hey summer in Newport sounds nice and are regularly having our pilots hired away to fly bigger and more powerful helicopters.

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1) Avoid boatpix at all costs. Their reputation is in the toilet for good reason. They're literally the laughing stock of the entire industry.


2) You can do your training as quickly or as slowly as you like. Just make sure you coordinate with your school and instructor your plans. I did my commercial in 6 weeks and then a few years later I went back and did my instrument rating in about 3 weeks.


When I was doing my commercial I would typically hang out at the flight school most of the day and take the helicopter out when another student didn't have it scheduled. So I'd go out in the morning with an instructor for an hour or so, then bring the helicopter back for another student, then when that person was done, I'd go back out solo for a few hours maybe, then brining it back for another student, etc.


I was able to knock it out relatively quickly this way.

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