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Molded CEPs

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Velocity Squared (iirc) used to be the place to go in Enterprise, but I think they've gone under. Out of all the online places, I think Gibson & Barnes is the only one left that makes them to interface with normal CEP dongles - the rest use proprietary dongles now. I'd recommend they give Surefire EP3s or EP4s a shot before trying to find a place and dropping the coin on customs - I converted a while back while digging through the murk to find someone to make me some new ones, and now will never go back to molds.


I heard from Mike D when I met saw and his J3 at Cougar Mt you've got an ag gig going? I assume it's not with your J3 - must be with the Stearman? Haha.



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Literally any audiologist should be able to do it; it’s the same process as hearing aid custom molds. That’s where I’ve gone after leaving Rucker. It might be helpful to have a picture of what you’re looking for if they’ve not done CEPs specifically.

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Lets see how bad the format ends up...

Communications &

Ear Protection, Inc.

P.O. Box 311174

3700 Salem Road

Enterprise, AL


Voice- 334.347.1688


Fax- 334.347.4306

Email- bmozo@cep-usa.com


Mon - Thurs : 8am - 5pm

Friday : 8am - 1pm

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I just tore out the red pieces out of the crappy CEPs and super glued them into my molded ones. The black CEP cord then screws into them and plugs into your helmet. Works perfectly.

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Anyone know a place where a student can buy/order molded CEPs around the Wiregrass besides the hospital?




I just got my molds done and sent off on Monday 4/23 at Audiology at Lyster. They only have a few appointments available twice a week. Do the molds here, send them to the company, and supposedly get them back within 7-10 business days. Just have to call audiology to set up an appointment.


You can even get glitter added to the color! :lol:


Good luck.

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