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Switching to Aviation in the Texas Army National Guard

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Hello to everybody reading,


First off, this website is awesome, there is plethora of info on here.


A bit of background of why I am posting this. I am currently a 2LT in Texas Army NG. I am branch qualified as an Infantry Officer. I have been flying fixed wing on the civ side(trying to get my PPL) for about a year now. I never exercised the thought of becoming an Aviator in the Army until a couple of months ago, since I thought to myself it was too late make the switch.


A couple of months ago I met a the aviation recruiter for Texas, I just decided to ask him a couple of questions to see if someone like me, who is already branch qualified can switch. Fast forward till now, I am currently building my packet to put in for the April board the State is holding. I have not taken the SIFT (scheduled for Feb) yet, I will update my score on here when I do. Also I will update this thread if anything major happens during my process. I mainly wanted to start this thread, so someone who is in the same situation as me can have a source to go off. Please feel free to comment any guidance.


Thank you.

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The general military helicopter discussion section of this board is much more active in general, and with army aviators. I was a non-select prior enlisted Marine for the board in my neighboring state in December, hopefully boarding in my home state in a couple weeks. From this I have learned that different states have differing packet requirements. Also, expect a lot of questions on how you plan to balance the extensive requirements of aviation (which if you aren't aware, seems to require at the very least a weekly commitment) with your civilian career. This includes commute, work, family, etc. I was told the reason I was non-select for the last board was my distance from the unit, and to be able to better articulate a plan for how to commute if I board with them again.

One another note, one of the pilots I spoke with in another state had done exactly what you are doing. He had been an arty officer when he went over to aviation. It doesn't seem uncommon.



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