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Psbct was at leonard wood im pretty sure. And woft bct theyll probably send you to jackson

Im not exactly sure where the PS-BCT is but from what Ive seen from following the forum is they will send you to whichever BCT is available the day you sign your contract. I know for sure theres not a specific WOFT BCT. I only say that because Ive seen people on here get sent all over the place.

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Ive heard mixed reviews. Had some PS folks in my WOCS class who went to Leonard Wood for PSBCT only to find out they got slotted into a normal BCT upon arrival anyway. Then had about 5 PS guys in my BCT at Benning who were kinda in charge of each platoon but had their own bay with phones, and junk food and such. Still had some lf the shenanigans but not nearly as much.

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I just got off the phone with my recruiter and he told me that only navy and AF have to do basic. Prior service army and marines dont have to attend, regardless of length of separation. He said this came out some time in 2018 and hed try to find the reg that covers it. Everything Ive read says 3 years of separation means BCT is a requirement.

Does anyone have any recent firsthand experience?

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I've been drilling since April (2018). Dropped from IRR January 2016, stopped drilling September 2014.

I have a couple friends I'm trying to get to go army aviation and I'm still in touch with my recruiter who says that the 3 year thing doesn't apply anymore.



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