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Family move to Ft Rucker

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A lot of my friends opted to live off post for a number of reasons- cheaper rent, getting away from the army, more things to do off-post etc.. The convenience of being a couple minutes away from class or pt outweighs those benefits at least for me. When you're on period 1 sims and need to be ready to get on the bus at 0450 every day, you'll appreciate the short drive. Or when you get a short lunch break you won't be faced with that awkward, "Should I go home? Do I have enough time?" situation.



Can 2 "families" split a place on base? A 3 bedroom house with 2 baths would be something pretty east to split it seems.



This sounds terrible. Maybe I'm a little introverted but the idea of 2 married couples in one of these houses seems crowded and overwhelming. Flight school demands a large amount of your time, less distractions is for the better. With that being said, I know you can split rent in the single housing so I don't see a reason why you couldn't do it in bowden terrace.

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