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Mine was approved 2 days before the board, and was submitted about 2 months prior. I think it's the last thing they look at. Good luck

Exactly what RiseUpNation44 said, mine was approved around 1630ish on the Friday before the board convened and sat with Army G-1 for 3.5 months. The Warrant Officer recruiting team told me the waiver board reviews and processes all waivers the week before the board.

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For those of you who need more information on this subject. This might help:




If you want to know if you are eligable for a waiver. I found this. I can't garentee it's the most recent. But I can garentee it's the most recent I have found anyways.




It says that the terms vary upon your branch of service. You are eligable for a waiver with just 1 felony. Now if they will grant it for flight warrant officer. There is no way of knowing until you try. Sense there is nothing stopping you from doing that. I think you should if you are interested in pursuing this as a career option.


But they won't take you seriously until you take them seriously. So study diligently for your SIFT/ASVAB test. Good luck if you are reading this and applying.

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I had a moral waiver for Minor in Possession of Alcohol from 2007. My waiver was approved on 28 Aug and I was notified I was board ready Thursday, 6 Sept. Im AF and my Evaluations, Awards, and resume were mentioned in my waiver on reasons why it was approved... and that it happened over ten years ago.

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There are entire companies set up to help you pass the clearance. We want you to pass. If you are denied. You can always repeal it.


Here is a good company with a hotline if you have any questions about how to get legal advice on obtaining security clearance.




Best of luck. We want you to be successful.

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