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Hello all,


I am currently a SPC in the NG as a 15p. I have a 69 SIFT and a 350 APFT, and I'm a Private Pilot working on my next fixed wing ratings. I am on the last step for NG applicants in which I undergo a final interview with the CCWO and a SAO.


My 350 APFT was not taken for record, and before I took another one for the board, I sustained a foot injury in marathon training in which I have been unable to run for 5 months. Does anyone know, is an alternate event (such as the 6.2 mi bike), authorized for submitting a WOFT app?


Or, any thoughts on WOFT or college first? (I am a college sophomore). Any input is greatly appreciated.

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This is from the USAREC site RE the new AR 350-1.

Effective immediately: IAW the updated AR 350-1 (10 DEC 2017) Chapter 3-13, Candidates applying to WOCS must pass the standard three-event APFT as an enrollment requirement. The Soldier must also be able to walk the 6.2 mile foot march for WOCS with 48 lbs. in their rucksack within school time parameters. DA G1 will process any APFT ETPs submitted before 14 DEC 2017 and will not accept APFT ETPs beyond that point.


Two additional points 1. Theres no such thing as a 350 APFT the extended scale was taken out when I was a SPC and I came to Rucker as a SSG(P) so its been awhile. 2. As to the college question I wouldnt be too worried about finishing first unless you are taking a major that requires you to be on a physical campus for labs ETC.

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