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Has the original forum finally imploded?

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Try being a firefighter... people recording you from the moment you turn out. Then turn up to an RTA and have to deal with weirdos trying to get photos of your casualties... All I can say is I'm glad I'll be flying soon! :D


I feel like a rock star when flying on some fires, especially the ones in or near the city. Lots of cool pics and videos though.

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There's a Frys just down the street from where I work who's parking lot I sit in to kill ten minutes or so before I go in. I can get on there using my tablet. Before that the only computer I could get on with was at Atlantis in Reno.


Now having lost all respect for commercial aviation, I fit in just fine over at that circus, right between the bearded lady and the disgruntled Robbophobic HAAP.


However, if you are at all serious about being a professional pilot, I'd avoid that forum all together.


,...I mean damn, that place is way beyond light hearted ripping, those guys are just serious dicks!

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