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A Question for the Crew Chief

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Hello, Hello,


If you guys can recommend me some books on attack helicopter weapon systems. I will read them in my spare time. For now, I was wondering if a crew chief who knows these things inside and out. Can help me find answers for these questions.


Here are a few things I want to know:


  1. What are the torpedo shaped objects on the bottom of the modified UH-60 Battle Hawk. I see them on the F-16 too. So I drew a red arrow on the diagram so you can see it.
  2. Do the Americans have a helicopter that drops bombs like the Russian barrel bombs too.
  3. Are the heat suppressors on the AH-64 Apaches/CH-47 Chinook good enough to divert a S.A.M. alone? Or are you dependent upon seeing the S.A.M. coming first. Then deploying flairs and evasive procedures to get away safely?
  4. Does anybody have a video of live combat footage. I want to see the AH-64 Apache VS. the F-16 dog fight.


Some good online free resources:







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Just here to entertain. No need to applaud. I won't hear it anyways. I am all the way in New York City. Thank you for not sending me a reply with some offensive picture. With smut or something on it.


Seriously shut up. I'm tired of you plugging my recent content feed up with nonsense.

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