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IFR R-44 with CFII Time Building XC $375/hr.

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Two flights up for grabs. IFR R-44 with CFII included in $375.00/hr. rate. Each trip roughly 12 hours.


Flight 1: KDLH (Duluth, MN) to KNEW (New Orleans, LA) happening roughly mid October during the week.


Flight 2: KNEW to KDLH happening roughly mid November during the week.


Ship well equipped with Aspen and 430WAAS. Flight usually around 12 hours total and 2 days. $375/hr. Instrument Instructor Included.


You would be responsible for your personal costs to arrive to and/or depart from each location, your hotel room, and your food expenses during the trip. Minneapolis, MN is affordable to fly into and a shuttle drives from there to Duluth for about $75.00 There are also direct flights into Duluth, MN. Pre payment of 80% estimated flight costs required prior to departure. Remaining balance will be due immediately upon completion.

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Oh wow, cool I’m getting usd 375 hr to work for you.


Wait...could it be that you want me to pay you for something that you are going to paid for by your customer? Naaaaa, that can’t be. You are already paid for that trip so it must be my salary for doing something for you.


Mmmm, too good to be true. You are actually asking me for money to move a ship from where YOU have it to where YOU want it to be...and you want me to pay for it.


This industry is really going backwards.


It should be called the shrimp business not helicopter flying.


Joking aside, and I have nothing against this ADVERTISENT (because this is what this is) I guess being good pilots has NOTHING to do with being able to run a business because having the necessity to offer flight hours at a discount to ferry a machine either means that the original contract did not include the relocation costs and that is a stupid way to get a contract or you are looking to make two bucks out of a 100 cents, and that is uncool.


My two cents.

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with pay to ferry. They have an empty seat. That seat has value. The business dealings outside of that transaction are entirely irrelevant. Anyone who thinks otherwise either (1) doesn't understand economics, or (2) believes that for-profit helicopter operators should give away services of value for free.


However, that isn't a competitive price. For $5/hr more, $380/hr, you can go get dual instruction in an R44 and work on whatever you need to work on instead of fly in a straight-line.


Nothing wrong with the concept, but the price isn't particularly good.

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I'm actually embarrassed to admit that I did a few of these offers to build my R44 time. At the time I was just another desperate lowtimer trying to meet some a**hole's rediculous minimums, because for some reason that's how we're judged as pilots.


In retrospect I feel like a complete tool, who devalued his worth as a pilot, just to sit there and watch the hobbs turn over, so I could become some jackasses indentured servant for a season.


If you're gonna do it though, paying any more than $200/hr wet makes you not only desperate, but also a complete sucker!


Remember you have to add in the cost of hotel, airfare and rental car.


,...and never, NEVER pay upfront!!!



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Have to disagree with V-Any because paying to ferry is shifting this profession from a quality viewpoint to a price point of view. If you were to concentrate on quality which is determines it you reach your destination instead of money (its not your company and its not your profit it not your economical decision) your competition becomes not someone that is more competent but someone that is cheaper (in english this means more desperate). How good is that for our industry?

Ive seen hiring processes for private single family pilots -no need for other income sources- did not ask the specific number of hrs just appropriate license and machine rating aw 139 & 169 did not ask for salary request nor discussed the offer. Only and foremost had the prospects fly with a person of the owners trust and only if they were deemed competent and SAFE did they pass to the next step in the selection process.

All this to say that it should NOT be a money driven industry but a quality driven business. But alas its not.

There will always be paying ferry pilots, until no one will be willing to fly unless properly paid.

If this malpractice continues its only the pilots fault.

Like one of my mentors once said, if you dont believe in your abilities and value them appropriately why should I.

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