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Just as a heads up block leave at Rucker is the 20th-2nd.

While this is true, those that have report dates during this time frame are still to report. I checked into this because I have a buddy that is coming for that class and what I found out is that even though it is block leave, there will be some green suiters around and a good amount of the civilians that work here will be here to in-process you. They have to make their hours and dont get as much time off as we do. Course dates will begin as planned regardless of leave times.

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Good luck fella's, I'm allegedly in 19-002 and have not been confirmed for DL through ATTRS so this is interesting. I've been tagged by the Primary TAC in the e-mail chain for the class so I'm really stuck waiting at this point.

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For those of you who have families/spouses whom want to stay in the loop and such during WOCS (its for your family members only and is ran by WOCS staff) - This is where photos and such will be uploaded during WOCS too.



I don't recall seeing the stats/numbers of who all was excepted during my spouses board results- and now I don't even recall when her board actually was.

I am curious though if any other married female canidates will be in the 19-04 WOCS Class- Surely I am not the only Mr. Mom for this cycle?! :blink: :lol:

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Hi everyone! I am a street-to-seat warrant who was picked up on the February 2018 board. I am currently waiting to start common core in flight school down here at Fort Rucker. I will be available to answer any questions you all may have regarding basic training, WOCS, WOBC, SERE, Fort Rucker, and anything else you can think of. I will also be available to help anyone once you arrive here at Fort Rucker for WOCS. Feel free to PM me or post in the board and I will reply ASAP.

WO1 Bryce Desy

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