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Pinks and Greens

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Yeah Im with you there, I've never understood why any service member effectively "buys" their own uniforms, kinda idiotic.


Though, I do think the Army finally made the correct decision as this is the sharpest uniform I've seen out of the Army in a long time. Now, if only we could get rid of those stupid black berets and bring back flight suits.

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I believe Sgt. Major Dailey said that units doing greasy monkey business will still be in ACUs. They only want to change the office environment from ACU to the new service uniform. So if you are staff or something it might affect you....Not sure. I haven't personally seen any real directives about it yet. I don't think they've even finalized the uniform design, just finalized the eventual wear of it.

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It is a good looking uniform for sure! I can't help but wonder if it will be similar to "Chucks Fridays" when I was in the USMC. I was a diesel generator mech and we did plenty of "greasey monkey business" even on Fridays. We would wear the Service B/C depending on the season to formation, then change over to cammies and get to work. The only problem was that since it was the UOTD for Camp Lejeune we HAD to be in a service uniform to go to the Chowhall,PX, or pretty much anywhere anyone could see us. It was slightly an inconvenience and all in all not many wrenches got turned.

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