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Street to Seat Pay after graduation

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It is my understanding during WOCS pay for a street to seat candidate will be paid at the E-5 level.
My question is- Does this happen upon graduation of BCT- or not Until Actually starting WOCS?


For my spouses situation specifically- Graduate Dec 13th- WOCS Class does not start until Jan 22. Over a month..Due to Exodus leave & WOCS classes being pushed back.. lol Is she stuck as PVT that whole time?
Side note: On one hand I would love to give her flak for being a PVT for a month. On the other hand- Tis the Season- $ is def needed.

Also- It is confirmed on our end anyhow. 5 week WOCS course.

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Once she reports to Rucker after completion of Basic she will inprocess, wear the WOC rank and receive E5 pay.


You can still make fun of her for being a PVT, there’s not much difference between that and a street to seat WO1.


Just so I make sure I understood this completely. Regardless of rank my pay will be that of an E-5 while at WOCS? Thanks

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Unless your current rank is higher than e-5.. yes. Your paid at whichever is higher ..E5 or your current pay grade.

Can confirm, I made E-3 from Basic to WOCS start, then E-5 through WOCS. Also my DD-215 said I was a SGT. Which felt weird.

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She will not receive pay as an E-5 until she actually starts WOCS, and moves into the barracks on day 0. Any days in between BCT graduation, and the start of her class will result in her being paid as whatever rank she took at BCT.


I went to BCT as an E-1, and sat at Rucker for a month and a half as a holdover. I was not paid as an E-5 until I actually started the course.

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