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They failed day one and everyone passed the retest. We were actually a trial class that didnt get a practice, so there were actually two retest days.


I want to say you just get recycled for a land nav failure, but Im not totally certain on that.

That is correct, if you do not pass retest day then you get recycled to the next class that is starting land nav. If you do not pass it after the next 2 attempts, they send you to the Commandant for a decision on whether to let you have another attempt or go home. If it comes to that, you will be subject to a one year wait and reapply. This happened to someone in a class ahead of me. The person failed an academic test, then both days of land nav. Recycled to another class, passed land nav but failed both attempts at the final academics test and was sent back to their unit having to wait a year and reapply.

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