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Selected. Thank you everyone on this forum for help. There is no way I could have done it without you!

Negative. The "board submission deadline" has nothing to do with civilians. That is for Active members only. You can submit your completed packet up to a week to two weeks prior to the board as a civi

I Received word that I was selected. Huge shout out to this board and everyone on it for helping out along the way. Surely this would have been almost impossible without your advice and direction.

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Start on 6 June. Report date is 10 Days prior. Got my RFO about 4 days after I got my class date. With my Orders being cut about 3 days after that.


I could not find any threads with specific timelines when I was waiting for my ATRRS email. haha. Hope this helps!

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Hey man, you shouldn't have to PCS to Korea even if you don't get your course date in a reasonable time. Not sure how it works exactly but the MILPER message with your name on it should be proof enough for HRC to be able to rescind your orders to Korea. I'd ask around at your unit or call your branch manager and see what's up with that.

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Got my class date today, all the fy19 dates are full up so Ill be in class 20-001 with a report date of 10/21. I was also put in for the distance learning which I thought they got rid of? Everyone Ive talked to about it says 20 days is pushing it to get the DL done.


Did you get an email?

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