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Looking for Fact-Checking Help (Helicopter Crash Scene in a Novel)

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Hello pilots,


my name is Sybille, and I'm in the midst of finalizing my first novel (part sci-fi, part fantasy). I hope this isn't too much of an imposition, but I was wondering if one of you might be willing to help me out with a very brief fact-check. :)


One scene in my book deals with a helicopter crash; since my knowledge of helicopters and flying techniques tends towards zero, I need to verify that what I wrote isn't total rubbish from a technical standpoint. I really want to get this right, and due to a deplorable lack of real-life pilot friends, I was hoping one of you might be kind enough to lend a hand.


It's just one paragraph that needs fact-checking, so it shouldn't be too time-consuming.


I would be immensely grateful for any volunteers! :)


Thank you so much!


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