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Delaware area active warrant officers?

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Im in need of an active CW3-5 to help me with my package for warrant officer. I am active duty enlisted at Dover AFB DE and theres no Army flying units here, I think the closest may be Ft Belvoir, but I cant seem to find any good contact information for the unit there. Ive got my conditional release and full support from my squadron so I would really like to get this process rolling. Ill take help from anyone who is offering, thank you.

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Contact 28th Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade, Fort Indiantown Gap, or Fort Belvoir, it's a reserve unit (I think), 28th Aviation Battalion. Send them a message on Facebook or hunt down a number.


With that being said, don't expect someone to actually help you assemble the packet aside from possibly agreeing to interview you and write a letter of recommendation. The best way to approach this is to have the packet as complete as possible for him/her to review for errors and provide their recommendations. Just take on one task at a time and use this forum as a resource for when you're getting into the specifics on things. Good luck

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Make the drive up to West Point. I'll interview you for a LOR, but I'm not proof reading essays or holding any hands for the process. There's plenty of resources available for that. Happy to answer any questions you have though. I'm currently 17-0 for candidates I've written LORs for.




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